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Qualified Landscape Design & Maintenance

Landscaping is what we do best here at Off Duty Lawn & Landscaping, LLC. For over 20 years, we've provided residential and commercial clients with quality landscapes and designs that add elevated beauty and curb appeal. Our landscapers believe in the power of having an extraordinary outdoor space; it creates the first impression of your property. With that being said, we work hard to devise a space you can enjoy complete with intricate flowerbeds, intriguing plants, and mulch work to highlight these areas. Regardless of what you have in mind, we're here to deliver a comprehensive landscape design you can appreciate.

Landscape Design & Installation

Increase property appeal with professional landscape designs. Our team can redesign your landscaping layout and incorporate new flower beds, feature displays with fountains, ponds, and other outdoor highlights.

Rock & Boulder Installation

Rocks and boulders can add visual impact to any landscape. We can create riveting borders with stones for an organic feel while also sheltering your plants and florals. Boulders are a great way to draw emphasis to fountains and flower beds.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is vital to ensure the beauty and health of your lawn. We plan and execute annual plantings, shrub pruning, and all necessary services to keep your landscaping thriving through weeding and proper fertilizing.

Mulching Services

Adding mulch to your landscape is essential for a few reasons; it adds moisture to your plants and florals and creates a protective layer to protect your landscape from weather elements like UV rays, excess rain, and snow. Mulch can also add an intriguing pop of color to your lawn ranging from deep red shades to black and brown.

Sod Installation

Sod installation can give new life and vitality to your lawn. For sparse areas or your entire landscape, we can install sod that will work for your space. We test your soil before installation and apply treatments to kill off old grass. We prep and level your ground and begin the sod installation process.

Seasonal Color

Your outdoor space should reflect the time of the year, brimming with seasonal color plants and flowers. The main benefit of seasonal color landscaping services is the ability to boost your lawn’s curb appeal. Our landscaping experts can harvest and plant seasonal plants and florals for an eye-catching appearance.

Tree Planting & Removal

Tree removal is a process that must be performed carefully to avoid damage to your property. Whether you're seeking to remove a dying tree or relocate it to a more viable area of your lawn, our landscapers can replant your trees with precision and ease.

Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial grass can be an ideal option for many homeowners, particularly for lawns that are flat, stable, and permeable to water. Artifical grass can be easily installed in unique areas like balconies and patios.

Privacy Screens, Pergolas & More

Our landscapers can build and install stunning privacy screens, pergolas, and other comfort structures to your lawn to supplement your outdoor space.

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Have The Outdoor Space You've Always Wanted

Have you always dreamed of having a stunning lawn exuding high-end landscaping designs, water features, and outdoor lighting? We're here to make it happen. As landscapers with an eye for design and detail, we meet with you to discuss your vision while helping you choose key details that will work best for your property. To ensure you are fully involved in the process, we can create a 3D rendering of your landscaping design so you have a clear picture of what it will entail. From there, our team gets to work implementing all the design elements flawlessly.

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