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Keeping Your Lawn Protected

Tying hand-in-hand with our landscaping services, our team offers the proper equipment to install the foundational elements your lawn needs including drainage systems. We can expertly level any surface as well as provide excavation for certain areas. Seeking to have a new pool or pond installed? We're on it! Hiring experts for these big jobs ensures that the project is completed with precision and safety. So whether you're ready to transform your landscaping or implement a new surface for construction, be sure to make us your first choice!

drainage and grading


Flood Prevention & More

Flooding is a very destructive occurrence than can leave your property in shambles. In the event of powerful storms, homes and lawns can be bombarded with steep water levels that cause serious damages. Heavy rainfall may seem harmless but that's hardly the case; it can ruin your plants and even erode your soil. If water levels rise too high, it runs the risk of invading your home. To prevent such a catastrophe, simply call Off Duty Lawn & Landscaping to have a proper drainage system installed. We specialize in installing underground drainage systems that are efficient and cost-effective.

drainage and grading

What Problems can a drain fix?

Typically, collected water is a direct result of a flawed drainage system. The two common issues that negatively impact drainage systems include your home resting on a high slope and having a high-water table on the property. The type of soil near your home can also contribute to poor drainage. By merely having a new French drain installed, water can be carried to a better location to prevent future flooding.

What is the role of drains?

Drains have a vital role in the functionality of your home's outdoor space. Drains collect and dispose of excess water through perforated pipes to prevent flooding on your property.

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